The Social Media Update

It’s only been three days since my post about why it would be beneficial for someone to quit social media, and how I was looking at changing my own behaviour.

Thus far, I have deactivated my Facebook & Instagram accounts. I have also made my Twitter account private, and turned off all email notifications from it. The best part of all, is that when I told those whom I interact with the most (people I know and meet up with outside of Twitter, but don’t have any contact details for) that I was going offline for a month, they reached out to me immediately with alternative contact details, their phone number and email addresses. Skipping Twitter is in no way going to reduce my ability to interact with these people in a meaningful way.

I’ve deleted all social media apps from my phone, and to go one step further, deleted all unnecessary applications from my phone including those I use for online shopping. The number of notifications I receive daily has reduced drastically, and it’s wonderful!

It’s tempting to believe I’m missing out on something, but simply visualizing what I would see if I opened Facebook right now is enough to make me want to swear off the website for good.

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